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Coloured Pencil Stickers 50mm x 7mm

Coloured Pencil Stickers 50mm x 7mm

Maximum number of characters: 2000

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Excellent durable labels to personalise anything from Kids lunch boxes and Bottles to Sports bottles, Jar in the Kitchen, pens, pencils, staplers, office and school equipment. Basically anything else with a Smooth Surface. They come with a strong Adhesive and therefore are waterproof and dishwasher safe on the top rack.

The material we use is regarded by many to be superior to other Sticker name labels available on the market and in many cases have been known to remain attached for the lifetime of the item.

All colours (except Purple and Lilac) are made from Vinyl. The Purple and Lilac is made from Coloured Washed Synthetic Material. We will provide Clear overs with Purple and Lilac to use for extra protection.

Label size 50mm x 7mm, they are pre-cut and have rounded corners as shown in the pictures.

- NOT suitable for shoes

- NOT suitable for clothing

- For use on smooth surfaces. Please ensure you clean surface of any greasy residue as this can prevent the label from sticking

Please be aware of the following

- Names will be printed starting with a capital letter and in lower case eg: Joe Bloggs unless you specifically ask us to print the name all in CAPITALS eg: JOE BLOGGS

- Check your details, No changes can be made once we process your order.

- We can print up to 25 characters in the standard font such as Comic Sans, Arial if you need more characters then please send us a message with the name to enable me to check if we can fit the name on the label, to make sure it is legible.

- Please be aware that some fonts will capitalise the name as part of the font design eg Copperplate

- Please order the correct colour from the drop down as we will not be held responsible if you have ordered the wrong colour on the invoice and later email us stating a different colour as items are printed in colour batches and therefore the item will be grouped according to invoice information

- If no information for printing is received within 3 days of order then the order will be cancelled. Emails will be sent requesting information therefore please check you inbox.

-Text is printed in Comic Sans unless you ask for a different font

How to Order

- Choose from fourteen background colours available

- Choose the Text colour from the drop down options

- Choose the Font from the options below

Pencil Font

Please note

- The stick on Labels are waterproof and dishwasher proof on the top shelf only.

- These cannot be used in sterilisers.

- They are not suitable for Clothing/Shoes